Well MB4410 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle in Black

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- 35 Round Magazine
- Solid polymer Body
- Full Metal Barrel
- 430 Fps
- Adjustable Hop-Up

Skirmish Grade Weapon - Suitable for use in Field Sites

(This is ALMOST the same as the 4411, With the 4410 being the "suppressed" version of the 4411)


Here we have what is internally a VSR-11 dressed up in a VERY snazzy modern case - Recently within airsoft as
a sport, people seem to be leaning more towards the more modern and slightly "tactical" look when choosing a
sniper, WELL seem to have responded to this demand with what can only be described as an INCREDIBLE rifle.
There are numerous features on this rifle that really help to set it apart from all of the other snipers on the
market today;

This features a front handguard that looks VERY similar to typical M16/M4 free-float handguards, this gives the
user 4 sections of forward rail space that can be used for whatever they see fit, typically the lower rail is used for
a bi-pod however it could also just as easily support a torch or laser if a 2-peice side mounting bipod were used.

The wide barrel runs through the handguard and gives the impression that this rifle would be integrally suppressed
if shooting real ammunition,

The rear assembly is fully adjustable for the shooter - the cheek pad can be raised and lowered, and ANGLED for
the shooter to get the best and most comfortable position on the rifle when shooting, the stock also folds to allow
the weapon to fit in a carry bag, or for when deploying from a vehicle (if your site uses them)
The upper rail is positioned in the same place as a VSR11/10 would have its upper rail, and is perfect for the
mounting of both small and large scopes - the rifle will also work just as well with a non-magnifying scope should
you feel this suits you better in the circumstances of the game, however as it has no iron sights aiming without any
optic may well be slightly difficult to get perfect.

The build quality of this rifle is unfaultable, anything you may expect to be a weak spot has been designed so as not
to be - the folding section of the stock is attached by two sections of plastic (similar to a mini version of a G36 Stock)
and locks VERY securely into place with no wobble at all, the handguard blends perfectly with the body of the rifle and
is attached very securely and sturdily. couple this with the fact the body itself is built like a brick, there is little chance
of this developing wobble or creaks (not great for trying to be quiet and sniping if your weapon creaks every
time you move!)


This rifle is incredibly similar to the other version of it, however this one seems to be an "integrally suppressed"
version of the 4411 this can be seen by this version having a much thicker, smooth barrel reminiscent of the VSS
Vintorez - the circular handguard is also longer and seem to wrap around the "suppressed barrel" - in reality the
fact one looks suppressed does not make it quieter, it just gives it a slightly more 'spec ops' appearance than the
other version of the rifle.

(Please note - This weapon has NO iron sights, It can be used without a scope/optic but it will be difficult to aim)

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Magazine: 35 Round Mag
Measured velocity:  470 fps
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable
Fire mode: Bolt Action
Body material: Polymer, with Metal Barrel+ Mech.
Barrel Type: Metal Long TBB