Well MB03 VSR11 Sniper Rifle in Black

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- Site-Legal 400Fps (To be confirmed)
- 25-30 Round Magazine
- Smooth barrel to allow for mounting of any low/high profile scopes
- Metal Barrel (Of course!)
- Full Working Safety


The iconic VSR-11, One of the most popular frame styles for any airsoft sniper due to its simplicity and solid
build - the VSR-11 has a very recognisable shape reminiscent of a classic hunting rifle - the long barrel means
that this rifle can be very accurate up to distances of around 50Mt (however 0.30's are recommended at this range)
The smooth, simple frame means this rifle is very easy to wrap in camo-tape to help you blend in with the woodlands,
and the top/bottom rail give you just enough customisation to make this a very field-able rifle.
The bottom rail is intended for a bipod, but could also support an AFG/Vertigrip if you feel this suits your style better.
Remember, a vertigrip can always double as a mono-pod when shooting from the prone position!
The fact the body is so simple means that the build quality has no reason to not be fantastic, the points at which there
are joins are very secure and the weapon has no wobble or creaks at all - this also means there is no reason the
weapon should break for no reason, this really is a very sturdy piece of kit.

The weapon comes with a small section of rail on top which is designed to be long enough for the mounting of any typical
scope - this does not mean, however you HAVE to use a scope with this rifle -  it would be just as accepting of red-dots or
holographic sights if you feel that this better suits how you intend to use the weapon on the field.
The VSR range are also some of the most commonly upgraded airsoft weapons around, and components such as upgrade
springs/pistons, trigger sears, and hop-up assemblies are very easy to come by on the internet or within airsoft groups -
because of this, and the beautiful simplicity of the rifle, it is something that we would always recommend to people to look
at if they are thinking of buying their first sniper.
Considering the weapon costs less than £100 for the base gun, and less than £150 for it with a scope and bipod - this really
is one of the best "money for gun" cases we have; you are, in essence, getting a weapon that could easily contend with the
higher price range snipers with no problem at all for a fraction of the price.

(This weapon also comes in GREEN)

NO UKARA? No Problem - This comes in ORANGE too! 


Scale: 1:1 (LARGE)
Magazine: 25/30 Round Mag
Length: 1150mm
Measured velocity:  400Fps Max
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable
Fire mode: Springer Bolt-Action
Barrel type: Metal
Weight: 2500g