Snow Wolf M24 Sniper Rifle with Scope and Bipod in Camo

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- 440 Fps (0.2's) / 360 Fps (0.28's)
- Comes With Scope And Bipod
- Adjustable Stock
- VSR-Style Bolt
- Working Safety + Adjustable Hop
- Smooth Barrel - Allows Low Profile Scopes
- Very Ergonomic Stock



The M24 Sniper is the military and police version of the Remington 700, it was adopted by the
army in 1988 and was produced up until 2010. however existing m24's were not replaced when
production stopped, instead they were upgraded to M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifles with this
conversion phase ending in April 2014.
The rifle fires a 7.62mm cartridge similar to that used in the M14 or older AK's, this has more
stopping power than the common 5.56, but has much more recoil - when used in a sniper however,
the issues of managing kick on full auto are not a factor making the 7.62 a VERY effective cartridge.
The M24 is in service with various military and police forces within the US, but is also used by Israel,
Japan, and Iraq - amongst others.  

The Snow-Wolf M24 comes from a manufacturer that we have become increasingly aware of recently,
they are renowned for making a range of Barrett sniper rifles including the iconic M82 .50 Calibre. This
M24 is a welcome offering for a player looking for a scout rifle or something that would allow them to
move with their team if needs be, while still a full length sniper rifle this is incredibly lightweight - on
par with a CQB M4A1 or similar. this allows you to quickly move from one position to the next without
weighing yourself down! one thing that we have noticed about this rifle is just how quiet it is, the spring
cocking system makes more noise than the actual shot (which is quite impressive!)

The body of the weapon is made to be light - as such it is partly hollow, while this presents no issues to the
integrity of the rifle (and makes it light) it does mean it will not feel as "nice" as some of the metal bodied
snipers - on a scout rifle this is more of a benefit than a hindrance, but this is something you need to watch
out for. The accuracy on this rifle is extremely consistent and it is ideal for shooting at range in the woods,
it is quiet enough so as to not reveal your position, but accurate and powerful enough to ensure you make
the kill shot each time!
Like all snow wolf snipers, this comes with a scope and bipod out of the box, this means that you are able to
instantly begin the role of a sniper in a skirmish!

All in all, this makes a great first "proper" sniper, or as an alternate weapon for someone who uses mainly
AEG's, it is not too expensive yet comes with a scope and bipod - the accuracy will certainly not disappoint
and it is certainly more than capable of hitting players at high-end AEG ranges, we would recommend using
0.28g in this rifle for the best balance of accuracy, range and power.

(We also sell this rifle in: TAN)


Scale: 1:1
Magazine: 23 Rounds "high-Cap" Style
Measured velocity:  360Fps (Hop On 0)
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable
Fire mode: Bolt-Action
Barrel type: Metal Standard Bore
Battery:  N/A
Weight:3200g (Relatively Light)
Length: 1100mm