S&T Tavor T21 AEG Explorer Version Airsoft Gun in Tan

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- 360 Fps With Hop "Off" (Will Settle To 350 After Regular Use)
- 14mm CCW Threaded
- Takes STANAG Magazines
- POLYMER SHELLED GEARBOX (Good Quality, With Metal 8mm Bushings And Gears)
- Working Safety + Adjustable Hop
- Folding Front/Rear Sights
- Fully Upgradable Internals (Gearbox CAN Be Swapped Out)
- Quoted As Having "Quick-Change" Spring System




The TAR-21 (Commonly known as simply, TAVOR) is an Israeli designed bullpup rifle making use
of the STANAG magazine system, it is capable of both fully automatic and semi automatic fire and
makes use of a long-stroke piston design taken from that found on the AK series of weapons. the
aim of the Tavor was to create a rifle that was incredibly reliable and easy to maintain even in
very harsh conditions (Such as deserts). The Israeli army have decided to issue the shortened version
of the Tavor, the M-TAR21 as its new standard issue rifle.

Between 2001/2 the Tavor was tested by the Israeli military against the American built M4-A1, these
tests included things such as time between failures, how ergonomic the weapon was, how reliable and
how easy to maintain it was - the Tavor beat the M4-A1 and proved itself a much better weapon platform
to suit the needs of Israel's armed forces. it is anticipated that by 2018 all of Israel's infantry will be equipped
with Tavor rifles.

In airsoft the Tavor translates to being a very ergonomic and comfortable weapon that is ideal for scouting or
close quarters use, the fact it makes use of the "typical" airsoft STANAG magazines is a huge bonus and is
something that makes it incredibly more practical than a weapon that makes use of unique magazines. There
are countless types of M4 magazine available for very reasonable prices as they are so common, this also means
that you are able to transfer magazines while in a match - chances are someone on your team will either be using
an M4, a derivative of an M4, or something that uses STANAG magazines. Even though this weapon is a sportline
model, it does feature a number of nice external features - the fire selector has an indicator on the left side to show
if the weapon is safe or not, the fake bolt will lock to the rear and can be manually released by pressing on the
button found behind the magazine, and the sights flip up and down as they do on the real weapon.

As you might expect from a sportline weapon the body is made from plastic - this feels similar to those of a G36C,
so not a "thin" feel yet still incredibly lightweight. While some see a plastic body as a disadvantage you must
remember that this is firstly, a sportline weapon, and secondly this is made to be lightweight!
The body actually feels very nice for the price - a nice comparison is the plastic used to make a G&G Combat
Machine, and as such this does not feel "cheap".
The main merit to this weapon's construction is the fact it is incredibly ergonomic - the rifle fits your hands perfectly
and feels extremely balanced and easy to move. In reality all the weight is at the rear, but when aiming you can
move from one target to another with total ease! This weapon fits CQB perfectly, but (as I always say with smaller
weapons) it makes a fantastic primary for someone playing field games and is looking for a lighter and more compact
weapon that they can run with without worrying about catching the barrel on branches, taking too long to aim, etc.

NOTE - THIS Version of the TAVOR comes with a metal gearbox, it is fully internally upgradable and is 
quoted as having a 
quick-change spring system to make assembly much easier (no more struggling to 
make all the gears line up while also 
attempting to ensure the spring doesn't fly out the box!)

(We Also Sell This Rifle In: O/D or BLACK)


Scale: 1:1
Magazine: 300 Rounds "high-Cap" Style
Measured velocity:  360Fps (Hop On 0)
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable
Fire mode: AEG
Barrel type: Metal Standard Bore - 413mm
Battery:  Mini-Type Brick (Voltages from 8.4 - 9.6 Recommended)
Weight: 1900g
Length: 690mm (Compact)