KOER Super 90 Combat Tri Barrel Shotgun Fixed Stock in Black

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- Tri Shot
- Solid Polymer Body
- Metal Outer/Inner Barrels
- "Shell" Style Magazines
- Fully Adjustable Hop-Up
- Upper RIS
- Sling Loops Front/Rear
- 300~340Fps




Please note as this gun is full black it is classed as a replica firearm and it is illegal to buy this gun if you dont have a valid defence sutch as a ukara membership number or other form of valid defence if you own a this gun with out a valid defence you can get up to 5 years in prison. orange blue and clear guns are classed as two tone and dont apply to this law. (we check every order for the validity of defence so if you dont have any dont order it)


This is loosely based off what appears to be an M1014, An Italian semi automatic
shotgun manufactured by benelli in response to the US Army's request in 1998 for a
12 Gauge semi automatic combat shotgun. It is capable of firing a multitude of cartridges.
It is a very popular weapon and is in service with not just the US Army, but with the UK
Armed Forces under the designation L128A1. The weapon is also very popular and well
regarded with Law Enforcement personnel, specifically armed response units or Counter
Terrorism units.  
The weapon is a fantastic alternative to a pistol, or AEG - shotguns are somewhat underrated
within airsoft in the UK but can be just as useful as any AEG when used properly, Using the same
style of firing mechanism as a sniper the range and accuracy that you can get out of an airsoft
shotgun is quite surprising, couple that with the typically quite reasonable ammo capacity, and the
fact that pumping multiple shots is quicker than Cocking/Firing/Recocking a Springer - and a shotgun
starts to look like much more of a practical and appealing weapon!
Koer have produced an amazing weapon for such a low price - the barrel and mock shell tube are both
metal, with all the internals being metal where they need to be, The body is SOLID polymer and feel
amazing when held, as does the grip. The sights are of a great quality and work perfectly with the
weapon, i.e. whatever you point it at you most likely WILL hit every time! When fired the weapon makes
a very satisfying noise and should you watch the shot come out - you can see the spread begin to appear
as the pellets travel further, this is a brilliant feature if shooting at an enemy hiding behind some vegetation,
one shot might be stopped by a stray branch, but the other two give you a little extra opportunity to get the kill.

This version of the weapon comes with a full stock - this makes it IDEAL for use outdoors as a primary weapon, It
gives you a stable platform from which to shoot, and is incredibly comfortable to place against your shoulder when
pumping the weapon, it will allow you to run this all day without tiring out your arms from pumping the weapon!
An Eo-Tech or similar style optic would work wonders on this shotgun - the spread is close packed enough at close
ranges to allow you to use a holographic styled sight to maximum effect, but at range it will cover just enough area
to give you more chance of a decent hit. The shotgun is lightweight, manoeuvrable, accurate, and most importantly;
VERY reliable!    

Springer shotguns like this (High end ones) make IDEAL budget weapons, they will outperform any similarly priced
AEG and will last just as long as any other high end weapon if treated right - magazines are readily available, and
the weapons are practical and useful no matter where you skirmish.



Scale: 1:1
Magazine: 30 Round Mock Shell
Measured velocity:  300~340Fps (Hard To Chrono!)
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable
Fire mode: Tri-Shot
Barrel type: 3xMetal
Battery: N/A
Weight: 1500g
Length: 1005mm