Cyma CM028S Electric AK47 Replica Airsoft Rifle in Black

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The plastic exterior gives the CM028S a realistic look but lightweight feel. The folding stock allows the CM028S to transform from a full size rifle to a CQB gun in a matter of seconds.

Internally the CM028 features a full metal gearbox that is completely compatible with Tokyo Marui upgrades. The rear iron sight is adjustable for elevation.

The front and rear sling mounts are made of metal for sturdy sling attachments.

The performance of the gun is great fireing at 280fps and with 12 rounds a second. This gun wont be hard for a skirmisher to upgrade to 340 fps.

(Our resident skirmisher (Dom) tested this gun and was surprised at how well it performed, fireing highly accurate at a range of 30 meters he repetedly hit the target (about an inch across) and was surprised when we told him it was a Cyma AEG. He Said "this gun cant be a Cyma, It feels and fires too good!!")



-          1:1 Scale

-          280 FPS (BBguns4less tested)

-          Metal Build

-          Fires Single and Fully Automatic

-          600 Round Magazine

-          Adjustable Hop-UP

-          Foldable Shoulder Support

-          Includes Battery and Charger