AY Metal M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle AEG in Black

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- Around 380 Fps
- 190 Round Magazine
- Aluminium, Steel And Imitation Wood Construction
- Metal UNIQUE Gearbox
- Working Safety
- Fully Adjustable Hop-Up
- Quick Change Spring System



Please note as this gun is full black it is classed as a replica firearm and it is illegal to buy this gun if you dont have a valid defence sutch as a ukara membership number or other form of valid defence if you own a this gun with out a valid defence you can get up to 5 years in prison. orange blue and clear guns are classed as two tone and dont apply to this law. (we check every order for the validity of defence so if you dont have any dont order it)


Near the end of the first world war, the US Army called for a replacement to the frankly unreliable
and poorly designed French-made machine guns its troops were equipped with in Europe. John Browning
envisioned the BAR to be a shoulder fired light machine gun that would be able to be carried by a single
troop, The BAR was rather unique in its time as it was one of the most reliable and hardy automatic rifle
designs that had emerged since the revolution of the "gun" as a tool. Due to the fact it was introduced late
into the first world war it was not taken on as the US Army's standard issue light machine gun until the year
1938 - The BAR was used immensely during the second world war and was favoured by troops for its reliability
and general ability to perform to the standards required in combat. Due to the simplicity and reliability of the
BAR it remained in service right up until the late 1950's.
The need for a weapon such as this still exists today, with some comparing the modern M27IAR to the BAR in
terms of function on the battlefield and the general role it plays in a squad.

The AY airsoft BAR is constructed from extremely high grade materials and you can tell simply by looking at it
how well put together and faithful to the original this weapon is; The body and components are all correctly
proportioned so as to be true to the real weapon, and have been assembled extremely well leaving no wobble
or give in the replica whatsoever. The rifle disassembles in a similar way to the real thing (Or, as close as you
can get with an AEG) which will allow for field stripping of the weapon for general maintenance and transport.
Everything you see on the rifle that is metal on the real thing, is metal on this replica - the only parts NOT metal
are the imitation wood handguards; While not coming with real wood out of the box the imitation set is not
bad in terms of looks and is certainly no disadvantage in terms of comfort - a real wood kit IS available for this
weapon on the net should you feel the need to upgrade at any time.

Because of the fact this rifle features a phenomenally long inner barrel the accuracy is spot on, comparable to that
of which you may expect from a DMR this rifle is no pushover - on the field this makes a great squad support weapon
as it has the range and accuracy to reach out further than most standard assault rifles will allowing you to suppress or
eliminate enemies at distances your squad's weapons might not reach. This is an absolute must have for any WW2
airsofter looking to expand their collection beyond the norm, but is just as suited to any weekend game you usually
play - it may look outdated but it is a consistent performer MORE than capable of keeping up with the modern day
weapons while managing to turn a few heads as it does so!


Scale: 1:1
Magazine: 190 Rounds "high-Cap" Style
Measured velocity:  Manufacturer Quoted 380 Fps (Possibly a TAD hot for full auto)
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable
Fire mode: AEG
Barrel type: Metal Standard Bore
Battery:  Mini-Type (Voltages from 8.4 - 9.6 Recommended)
Weight: 5000g
Length: 1200mm

(model code --  AY-A0001)