AY Dragunov SVD Spring Rifle in Wood Finish

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- Around 320 Fps
- 150-170Ft Range
- 550mm Barrel
- Metal Bolt + Cylinder
- Working Safety
- 200 Round High-Cap
- Cheek Rest
- AK Style Scope Mount Rail 
- Full Metal Construction (Bar Grip/Stock)



Please note as this gun is full black it is classed as a replica firearm and it is illegal to buy this gun if you dont have a valid defence sutch as a ukara membership number or other form of valid defence if you own a this gun with out a valid defence you can get up to 5 years in prison. orange blue and clear guns are classed as two tone and dont apply to this law. (we check every order for the validity of defence so if you dont have any dont order it)


Developed in the 1960's the Dragunov was intended to support Russia's armed forces on the ground, the Dragunov
was intended to be issued as a squad support weapon to allow a squad to be able to engage enemies at ranges their
newly adopted SMG's and assault rifles could not reach, since its introduction it has become standard issue for numerous
different countries armed forces and has seen action in countless conflicts around the world. It is based off the same
reliable and rugged operational system as the AK assault rifle - it has gone through a number of changes and spawned a
line of variants similar to those of the AK, The SVD-S with folding stock, and the SVU - the bullpup, being the most prominent.

In airsoft, the SVD is typically one of the most overlooked sniper rifles however it has gained popularity over recent years with
the introduction of AEG models, and more affordable springers - the AY Dragunov makes a fantastic alternative to a L96 for
someone looking for their first sniper but who wants something a little different to all the snipers you typically see at a skirmish.
out of the box the SVD is a capable rifle that is able to be shot with just the iron sights, however should you want to use this to its
full potential as a sniper rifle - there is an AK style long mount located on the side of the receiver that will accept PSO style sights
as well as rail adapters to allow you to mount any conventional scope on the weapon.
The Dragunov is a long rifle, by being so long it is able to have an immensely long inner barrel allowing the rifle to make some
incredibly accurate shots even at long ranges, the hop up unit in this weapon is fantastic and works perfectly with 0.25's making
this a very skirmishable weapon with all the stock parts!
Externally all the parts metal on the real weapon are metal on the replica, the body is one of the nicest metal bodies on any weapon
I have used, it feels incredibly sturdy and holds the entire weight of the weapon with no flex or creaks. The polymer handguard does  
creak a bit when used but this can be fixed by popping the handguards off and padding it with foam or similar. The pistol grip and
stock are immensely sturdy and feel great to hold, with the cheek rest really adding to the ergonomics of the rifle; The bolt may be
a little stiff to pull at first but once used to the feel of it this presents no issues! Anyone used to using an AK and wanting to move
onto snipers will find adapting to a Dragunov very easy - the safety is located in the same place as it is on an AK, and the sights
adjust in the same way, the magazine is also just as "lefty" friendly as the release is located in the centre of the weapon in front
of the trigger guard.

This version of the weapon comes with the "wood effect" grip and stock, this gives the rifle the classic Dragunov look and would look
great with a few knocks and bumps from a skirmish, the wood effect is really quite nice and looks fairly realistic, this model of weapon
looks fantastic with a replica PSO sight to complete the classic set.


Scale: 1:1
Magazine: 200 Rounds "high-Cap" Style
Measured velocity:  Quoted 320 Fps 
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable
Fire mode: Spring Sniper
Battery & Charger: N/A
Weight: 2.7kg 
Length: (To Be Measured - LONG!)
Barrel Length: 550mm