A&K Russian SVD Dragunov Airsoft AEG in Black

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- 180 Round Magazine (WILL TAKE MIDCAPS)
- Full Metal Body/Barrel
- Metal Unique Gearbox (Good Quality!)
- Working, Correctly Located Safety
- Fully Adjustable Hop-Up
- AK-Style Scope Mount System




The Dragunov is a semi automatic DMR/Sniper chambered in 7.62x54mm. Developed in order to
compete in a selection contest; the Dragunov adopted its name from its designer, Yevgeny Dragunov.
The rifle was intended to be used as a squad support weapon because of the fact Russia was adopting
assault rifles and SMG's as standard issue weapons over the classic battle rifle, it was found that soldiers
using the new automatic weapons were incapable of  making kills at longer ranges - to solve this problem
it was decided that each squad would be issued with a long range weapon to help them retain this capability.

Ever since its introduction in 1963 the Dragunov has seen conflict in almost every major conflict around the
world, and is often accompanied by the equally as iconic AKM. The Dragunov is just as reliable as any AK and
is more than capable of handling the harsh conditions of the deserts where it is commonly used - it is not
unusual to find that a Dragunov can operate even without regular cleaning in these extreme climates.

A&K are known for producing one of the best budget Dragunov springers available to buy - it is solidly built and
is more than capable of withstanding the punishment of any ordinary skirmish. it will be welcome news to anyone
who has owned/used one of the springers to know that the same fantastic quality of construction can be found on
the AEG version - it is in fact so similar to the Springer model that magazines are interchangeable, along with the
barrels and hop-up units. this makes for an incredibly sturdy rifle and as such, is quite possibly the BEST "cheaper"
AEG sniper available today - the quality of construction on A&K SVD's is (in my opinion) some of the highest
standard of build on any airsoft sniper, and is by far one of the best standards that can be found on any SVD.
In terms of accuracy this weapon is just incredible - it is capable of making kill shots at 100ft+ and by being semi
automatic it allows for a very quick follow up shot that does not require you to lose your line of sight.

All things considered, this is a fantastic rifle for woodlands skirmishing - AEG snipers are rather uncommon even with
the recent surge of DMR's that have appeared on the airsoft battlefield, the Dragunov manages to fill the gap left
by this movement and will allow a player to not only compete with other snipers, but with the large number of M4-Based
DMR's that are creeping their way onto the field! PLEASE be aware that as this is built as a long range rifle it will fall into
the category of a sniper when enemies are up close - don't shoot a full magazine at close range... it will HURT!

(NOTE: Standard 0.2's do not do this rifle any justice, use 0.25+ for the best results)


Scale: 1:1
Magazine: 180 Rounds "high-Cap" Style (Will Accept A&K Mid-Caps)
Measured velocity:  (Yet To Be Tested! POTENTIALLY COULD BE HOT!)
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable Metal Hop
Fire mode: AEG
Barrel type: 590mm X 6.08mm
Battery:  Mini-Type Stick (Voltages from 8.4 - 9.6 Recommended)
Weight: 3400g
Length: 1200mm