A&K Rock ZB26 AEG Support Rifle in Black

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- Around 300 Fps
- 160 Round Magazine
- Aluminium, Steel And Wood Construction
- Metal Gearbox
- Working Safety
- Barrel Is Removable Like The Real Weapon
- Fully Adjustable Hop-Up
- Fully Adjustable Sights


Please note as this gun is full black it is classed as a replica firearm and it is illegal to buy this gun if you dont have a valid defence sutch as a ukara membership number or other form of valid defence if you own a this gun with out a valid defence you can get up to 5 years in prison. orange blue and clear guns are classed as two tone and dont apply to this law. (we check every order for the validity of defence so if you dont have any dont order it)


The ZB/vz.26 was designed in the 1920's and was used in service with a number
of countries, it also inspired the British Bren LMG (and the Japanese type 96)
The ZB26 was renowned as being incredibly reliable and having extremely simple
components, including its quick change barrel.  
In the early 1920's the Czech military decided to select a light machine gun of their
own for use in general service, This sparked the design of the ZB.26 - Vaclav Holek
(helped by his brother) began work on his prototype - a belt fed machine gun, after
further development the belt feed was abandoned and they settled on a box magazine
fed from the top of the weapon - in 1926 production commenced, and by 1928 it had
become the standard Light Machine Gun of the Czech army. It is still in service with
the Paraguayan Armed Forces (albeit it an upgraded version)

The airsoft version of this weapon is VERY heavy, it is a faithful replica of the original
weapon and as such is designed to be as close to the real thing as possible within the
airsoft world, this means the weapon weighs in at over 5kg making it a tad heavy to
run round with shouldered like a rifle, however this is not a problem - the replica comes
with a working, solid bipod to allow the shooter to rest in the prone position when set up.

In terms of the actual build of the weapon it is unfaultable, the aluminium used for the
main construction is solid and has no give whatsoever, The bipod, and most of the extra
components are made from solid steel meaning that this can handle the punishment of an
ordinary skirmish with absolutely no issues at all.
The wood used on the weapon is actually of a very nice quality when compared to wood used
in some cheaper airsoft weapons and after being played with a few times it should begin to
age naturally really adding to the unique weathered look of the weapon.
The actual performance of this weapon is something to note - even with an 8.4 the fire rate and
trigger response is quite snappy, upgrading to a 9.6 will give you a fire rate faster than the real
weapon! The accuracy is spot on due to the VERY long inner barrel, and the grouping at 30/40m
is tight enough to get consistent kills, but loose enough to allow for suppression.


Scale: 1:1
Magazine: 160 Rounds "Mid-Cap" Style
Measured velocity:  Manufacturer Quoted 300 Fps (Site Friendly!)
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable
Fire mode: AEG
Barrel type: Metal Standard Bore
Battery: 8.4V Mini-Type (Will take a 9.6)
Weight: 5700g
Length: 570mm