A&K LR300L Airsoft Rifle AEG with Folding Stock in Black

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A&K LR300 (BLACK) 


- Full Metal Construction
- Unique LR300 Handguard
- Side Folder Stock
- Unique Pistol Grip
- Fully Adjustable Hop-Up
- Around 360 Fps
- "Cut" Rear M16 Sight



The LR300 is an American built assault weapon, based off the AR-15 platform it is very similar
in principle to the Army M16, the main notable difference is that the LR300 uses a different system
from the standard M4, and instead opts for a gas system similar to an AK or M14 - this means that
the buffer tube is not needed and can be removed; this in turn allows for the mounting of side folder
stocks that you would typically not find on an M4 because of the design limitations.

The LR300 is somewhat a unique looking weapon within airsoft, yes it is "just another M4" but this one
is one of the most unique and interesting looking M4's! The lower receiver is a standard airsoft M4 receiver
meaning it will be familiar to anyone who has used the AR platform, the upper is unique and is the LR300
proprietary receiver, however it SHOULD fit onto any normal M4 lower should you wish to swap parts around
with any existing AR based rifles you already have. The folding stock is the main attraction of this weapon
however, and will make for a VERY compact rifle if you need to use this in tight situations.
The front handguard is one of the nicest looking M4 handguards that is available today, it fits very sleekly
with the body and provides a very comfortable hold on the weapon when shooting - one thing to note is that
the handguard will have some slight rotational wobble, so far the easiest way to get rid of the wobble seems to
be to pop a QD sling mount in each side, while this might look a bit impractical having a sling point on both sides
of the rifle it does help to remove the wobble!

The front and rear sights are both removable and come off with no hassle - the front sight is however mounted on
an air-rifle style dovetail rail which means it cannot be replaced with other aftermarket front sights. The rear sight is
a cut version of the standard M16/M4 carry handle sight, and as such, could be replaced with a conventional carry
handle sight with no adjustment to the front sight needed. Because of the slightly high FPS of this rifle most sights
will not allow you to use fully automatic, meaning you will need to use single shot only - this is not a problem, the
accuracy of this weapon is incredible and would work wonders with an ACOG or Aimpoint style sight! The folding
stock will allow you to get the weapon ready to shoot in a comfortable position even in the tightest of hidey-holes!

The pistol grip on the weapon may look strange, but it is actually very comfortable to hold and will give you a secure
and sturdy shooting position - the extended ridge on the rear section fits the natural curve of your hand and really
does feel very nice to hold! In terms of range/accuracy this rifle is just as you may expect from an A&K, it is capable
of hitting centre of mass at 40/50 metres with no issue at all, at 30 metres you can make consistent head shots.
you can improve the range and accuracy with a simple barrel/hop swap - a madbull tightbore gives incredible results
in this when paired with a decent hop up setting!


Scale: 1:1
Magazine: 400 Round High-Cap
Measured velocity:  360 Fps
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable
Fire mode: AEG
Barrel type: Metal Standard Bore (410mm)
Battery: Mini Type, Not Included (Goes in handguard)
Weight: (To Be Weighed!)
Length: 685 -> 914mm